• Top reasons why to implement Dynamics NAV

    It’s More Than Just ERP
    Microsoft has a complete vision for business applications, and it goes beyond what a simple standalone ERP solution or accounting software can do. It starts with a unique combination of business intelligence, collaboration, and communication tools embedded across your core business processes. The result—empowered people who make decisions that help increase your margins, improve your cash flow, and ultimately drive your business growth.

    Helps Your People Work Better, Faster, and Smarter
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV RoleTailored user experience surfaces the information and tasks relevant to specific job functions. By putting the resources you need most right at your fingertips—and ensuring that the solution works seamlessly with the Microsoft productivity tools you already know how to use— training time is replaced with an intuitive experience that helps people work better, faster, and smarter right from the start.

    Looks Forward, Not Backward
    In today’s competitive landscape you need more than a backward-looking system of record to compete. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you become proactive and predictive with embedded business intelligence tools that help you not only solve problems but also prevent them from occurring in the first place.

    Gets You Up and Running in Days, Not Weeks
    RapidStart implementation tools help make the solution fast and simple to deploy. And because the solution is easy to learn and use, you can be up and running quickly with less disruption to your business.

    Works the Way You Do
    A Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution supports your core business needs with comprehensive built-in capabilities that are easy to customize. And you can be confident that our global ecosystem of partners— backed by the strength of Microsoft—have built a broad range of solutions that address specific industry needs.

    Transforms the Way You Work and Connect
    Transform the way your people do business with a solution that works the way they want to use it—over the web, through a SharePoint portal, or using a traditional desktop computer. With a business solution from Microsoft, both office and remote employees can perform business processes and connect through the tools and channels they’re used to—such as instant messaging, email, voice, and presence.

    Drives and Supports Your Business Growth
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports and propels your business goals and overall growth. It easily accommodates new processes and additional lines of business, and it scales to meet higher demands, without sacrificing performance or incurring major increases to your original technology investment—or your payroll.

    Provides a Flexible Deployment
    Model You can choose the deployment model that makes the most sense for your business, whether on premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both. Plus, you’ll have the elasticity to adjust as your needs change.

    Reduces Your Risk
    Millions of users around the world already trust Microsoft to deliver innovative consumer and business solutions. In addition, our global partner network provides you with access to the local resources and expertise you need. And, when you purchase Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can be assured of support for the version you buy for up to 10 years after its release.

    Propels Your Business Forward
    With a business solution from Microsoft, your people will have the innovative, flexible tools they need to be proactive and productive—keeping you ahead of the competition. As a result, your business can move forward instead of standing still.
  • Why you should choose Dynamics DC as your implementation partner

    Dynamics Development Center is a team of very experienced consultants and developers, who have realised more than 40 projects all over the world. We specialize in implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV for small and medium manufacturing companies, as well as setting up financial systems in compliance with accounting standards in the following countries:

    - Poland
    - Denmark
    - Norway
    - Sweden
    - Finland
    - Czech Republic
    - Slovakia
    - Hungary
    - Romania
    - Lithuania
    - Latvia

    Our biggest competitive advantage is that over the course of years we have created and refined vertical solutions for the following industries: FMCG & FOOD, WOOD & FURNITURE, RENTAL (for CONSTRUCTION companies). In these industries we work with companies like Danone, Nutricia, Arla, Carrier (UTC Group), Sofa.com (a producer of luxury sofas from London), Constract (IKEA supplier).

    We invite you to contact us through the contact form to learn more about our offer or read more at: http://www.dynamicsdc.com/en/what-we-do
  • Is the cloud good for me?

    Only you can answer this questions knowing the subtleties of your business. But in order to help you make your decision, we have prepared a list of pros and cons relating to implementing the system in the cloud vs. on-premise.

    • Very fast implementation of a standard system (+)
    • Monthly per user payments (+)
    • A flexible model (you can reduce the number of users after a year) (+)
    • No need to invest in hardware, IT staff, additional licenses, etc. (+)
    • SLA at 99% and backups guaranteed by Microsoft (+)
    • Some limitations in reporting (no direct access to SQL database) (-)
    • An obligation to upgrade at the time set by the software producer (-)
    • Data limitations; additional data paid extra (-)

    • Your system is installed on your hardware behing a company firewall (+)
    • An ability to follow your own upgrade and development strategy (+)
    • You are the owner of the licenses (+)
    • No restrictions to reporting (+)
    • No data limits (the only effective limitation is your storage space) (+)
    • Relatively high upfront investment (-)
    • It is necessary to invest in hardware, IT staff, additional licenses (Windows Server, SQL), etc. (-)
  • How much will I pay for the system?

    It is of course difficult to answer this question without knowing the scope of the project. Though you can get some rough estimates by using our price configurator here: http://www.dynamicsdc.co.uk/en/nav-2017-online
    What is more, before every implementation we carry out what we call a diagnosis, which helps us precisely establish project scope and give a very reliable price estimate. The Diagnosis cost is just around 2k GBP and we deduct this cost from the final implementation price if you decide to pursue the project with us.
  • What is development outsourcing?

    Development Outsourcing

    Development outsourcing is mainly targeted at:
    companies that have just started their NAV implementation and lack specialized resources
    - companies which have been continually developing their NAV system and need an extra pair of hands and brains from time to time
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partners that want to optimize their business activities and be more scalable.
    The biggest advantage of this kind of solution (as opposed to simply hiring new employees) is its great flexibility. You can easily manage the volume of our resources according to your current needs. On the top of that you don't need to maintain a costly and time-consuming recruitment process and you can delegate the admin/payroll accounting duties to our company and focus on your core business and create even more value for your customers. customers.

    See what arrangements we normally make before starting this kind of co-operation: http://www.dynamicsdc.com/en/development

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